Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

There are no more frequently used knives in the world than Kitchen Knives, so if there is a place to buy quality, this is it. With so many different options available we've divided the kitchen knife profiles into two different styles:

European Cutlery

Japanese Cutlery

European kitchen knives and Japanese kitchen knives differ in design, but in performance a quality knife of either design will perform when called upon. When compared to Japanese kitchen knives, European kitchen knives tend to be forged or crafted from homogeneous steel (all the same), thicker in cross-section, with a higher tip and more belly - this translates to a blade that can take more abuse and that is more adept at 'rock-chopping'. Japanese kitchen knives, on the other hand, tend to be thinner in cross-section with a flat blade profile and made from laminated or layered steels. Because of the thinness of Japanese cutlery, these blades require a bit more care when being used, otherwise the edge may chip or roll, but they slice and cut food like no other.

Don't know where to start?

 Here is a quick guide to choosing kitchen knives.