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A Kopis Designs collaboration with Ed Calderon of Ed’s Manifesto.

Kopis is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the the L-Via. A mid-tech version of Ed's popular Elvia knife, the L-Via was developed with input from specialists in diverse areas of expertise in order create a lightweight, but robust tool for a wide range of uses. The design was born from the need for an affordable and discreet field knife that can excel in any situation or environment. What resulted was a knife with utmost attention to to ergonomics, retention, quality, and versatility that will be ready for any task.

100% Designed and Manufactured in the USA using premium materials.


Steel: 154CM
Handle: Glass Filled Nylon
Weight: 1.2 oz knife and 1.95 oz with sheath
OAL: 6.5”
Blade: 2.5”
Blade thickness: 1/16”
Handle thickness: 3/8”

Pricing: $98.79 to $110.89

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