Spyderco makes peculiar knives. They know it. They admit it. They're proud of it.

Spyderco decided from the very beginning to produce knives that work, rather than knives that just look good and sell well. As Sal Glesser, Spyderco's owner, says,

"Our recognizable appearance is a result of designing ergonomic functional tools rather than applying lipstick and nylons to a pocketknife."

Truly, Spyderco has revolutionized an industry.

Spyderco holds many patents in the design and operation of knives. The clip on Spyderco knives and ambidextrous one-hand-opening hole are cornerstones of both form and function. Every Spyderco knife is rigorously tested for durability, edge retention, deployment mechanism and ergonomics.

When you buy a Spyderco from KnivesShipFree, you're buying a high-quality tool designed for peak performance and comfort.

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