Schatt & Morgan

Schatt and Morgan

Schatt and Morgan

Students of American knifemaking know that Schatt & Morgan preceded Queen Cutlery in that old building on Chestnut Street in Titusville, Pennsylvania. And although the company is long-gone, Queen has resurrected Schatt & Morgan's elegant. old-school designs -- classic pocketknives that represent the very best craftsmanship and superb styling.

The Schatt & Morgan line is famous for its high level of fit and finish, the sort of quality you might expect from a knife meant only to be a collector. These knives are capable of much more, however -- so slide it into your pocket or, if you like, simply display it with pride. Either way, a Schatt & Morgan is a knife you'll want to pass down to your children.

For the discriminating pocketknife user and collector, there's no better choice. Quantities are very limited.